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How we Create

We are the Creative Media & Creative Productions Group storytellers of people, enterprises, and places.


You have a vision. You have a gift to give the world, a deep down stirring that would change not just your life, but that of everyone who sees it. With the right funding, you can devote your waking life to the project, taking a dream and making it real. That’s when you meet us.

Us: We’re involved in the creation of forward thinking projects: redefining cities, transforming the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the evolving tech space. We’re passionate – like a Sunday morning televangelist – about converting groups of people into your faithful.

Our team has worked with startups, helping them grow from lean projects to global brands. Think Dropbox, SportsManias, City Year and iMentor. We’ve also executed global projects like Our City Thoughts and Inspired By Iceland. We’ve created socially transformative storytelling in partnership with organizations like CityLab, The Atlantic, and The Knight Foundation.

You + Us: Your Crowdfunding video is your primary vessel for funding. We’ll tell viewers who you are, why you need funds, and what you’ll do with it.

But there’s more. A startup requires focus and commitment to growth. We are an extension of your team. Once you tell us your story, the real work begins: building a powerful narrative, point of view, and a solid value proposition.


We spend our days on good and bad stories. Some (like our friend Watsky Raps Fast) will play beginning to end, no matter when we click them. Others are endless (like Aunt Margie’s tale about almost losing her coupon book).

So, take a breath and you have three minutes of our attention. Because we can tell in the first three minutes if a startup will succeed or fail.

We have met hundreds of founders, dozens of startups, angel investors, VC’s and accelerators. We know what they’re looking for and what they aren’t.

The Opportunity:

The buck stops at the founder and his core team. If there’s an open mind and visionary heart,  we can create narrative that opens minds as well as wallets. We know being lean is key to startup success, but in this space your investment determines how investors will evaluate your idea.

We aren’t a right fit for everyone. We’re world class directors and wordsmiths, visioneers (we made that word up!) and opportunitarians (ditto). Exclusively partnering with projects we believe in is how we do our best work.

Are you filled with a vision, a real vision, which you’re passionate about — on a televangelical level? 


What We Create

Our quality standards in video production is a passion in startups and products that transform our lives.

Strategic Insight

A thorough understanding of what works.

Creative Support

Look and feel that is thought out and aligns with your brand.

We believe in the people we work with

If we did not, we would not work with you.


Well, are you? Are you filled with a vision, a real vision, which you’re passionate about — on a televangelical level? Are you so captivated by the power of an idea, you‘re convinced it’s something our world needs to see for all it’s glory?

Do you believe your idea is powerful enough to inspire?

Good, then let’s start the conversation that will snowball your idea from your head, to a full-on chant for more!